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Updates on 5/26

EBAL works tirelessly to protect our residents. As we closely monitor daily developments to COVID-19, we continue to respond to any concerns that arise but also apply our protection and prevention measures to help keeping residents and staff safe. As of today, we are pleased to report that both facilities remains ZERO cases. We remain high vigilant in sanitation, prevention and protection protocols that manage the spread of the virus. Here we want to express our deeply gratitude for all the support and encouraging words from you all. 

We understand it's difficult to refrain from visiting at this time, but social distancing is proving to the one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus. We recommend you find other ways to connect with your loved one, eg. phone call or video chat. Zoom, Facetime and Google meet are now available, please call us to schedule a time for video chatting. You may also send us your family pictures and we can share with it with your loved one. 

On mother's day, we were celebrating with all the moms, including our employees, with a special menu and giving our best wishes to all of them. We honor all dedicated mothers that provide the care and love for our residents each day. We are incredibly grateful to have them among our EBAL family!

2020 Mother's Day   <-- check out this link for the picture slideshow.  As most families enjoy doing during the SIP would be cooking all kind of new receipts. Our kitchen crews continue to design new menu to stimulate our residents' taste buds, as well as a source of comfort and enjoyment. Below are some highlight. 

Seabass steak with vermicelli 厚切鱈魚蒸蒜蓉粉絲

Fish filet Tofu with special sauce 老少平安

Steam Scallop with vermicelli  腰纏萬貫(蒜蓉豆豉帶子蒸粉絲)

Shanghai Style Veggie rice with Ham 上海菜

Pan Fried Stuffed Bell Pepper 金玉滿堂(煎釀三寶)

Steam Salmon with special sauce 蒜蓉豆豉陳皮蒸三文魚 Stir Fry seasonal Veggie


Bon Appetit!!

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