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Celebrates 102th Birthday!!

What a blast here at East Bay Assisted Living!! We were very honored to celebrate the 102th birthday of our East Bay Assisted Living resident, Ms. Cho, with other residents and staffs singing birthday song, and of course a birthday cake with a candle. (sorry, no 102 candles to avoid fire hazard.. j/k) Family has prepared gifts, cards as well as sending us a cheerful and warmhearted video recording to sing happy birthday song and express their best wishes!! This is such an incredible millstone and all of us enjoyed every single moment with her!! Ms Cho truly showed us all that joy has no boundary and every smile is a victory!

Awesome Videos here!

The virus may be keeping all of us from a physical distance, but Love and Care fills up the gap. "Virtual visiting" is our new norm nowadays, please feel free to contact us if you would like to FaceTime or Zoom call with your loved one. Showing your family pictures is another way to keep each other connected. If you have any family pictures that you want to share with your loved one, please feel free to email us and we are happy to deliver them. Thank you!

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