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Updates on 4/29/2020

Hello EABL 壽星樓 Families,  We hope this email finds you well. As we all are facing an unusual time and have been under "shelter in place" for almost 7 weeks already, we would like to keep you updated on how we are doing at both 壽星樓 facilities! Here are a few things we would like to share with you how we are making every effort to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.  1. As of today, our communities are free (none) from the Covid-19 virus in both facilities.  2. Daily temperature checking for all staff and residents   3. Frequent routine cleaning and sanitizing schedule  4. On-going staff training  5. More than $40000 has been spent to buy food, keep the pantry full, and supplies stocked.  6. Extra variety of meals are provided daily.   7. Encourage staff sheltering in the facility even on their day off to keep our residents as safe as possible.  All the while, every staff shows up everyday with high spirits and big smiles! You may also check out this article regarding our cleaning procedure by World Journal newspaper on April 19.  LINK We understand connecting with your loved ones is increasingly important. Video chatting is available through Facetime or Zoom. You may also text us at (510) 519-6912 or check out our website anytime!!

Taste buds are challenged everyday!!  

Seasonal fresh food is provided daily.  At last, we all know this global pandemic of COVID-19 is still in its early stage. We expect to be responding to it in our communities for a long time. As effective as our effort has been, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and actively evaluate our current policy and measures in order to minimize any potential of exponential spread that can impact the health and wellness of our residents.  Thanks again for your support and trust. Stay safe and healthy! Best regards,  East Bay Assisted Living

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